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And so it begins! We have our first band announcement for Power of the Night XIII. There’s more where this came from so stay tuned folks!

1990-2000, GanG forged its reputation in France around many concerts, demos and albums (“1993”, “Unknown but Surely Evil”). Musically, the band still looked for its way and gave a more thrash approach to its influences. 2000-2010: Despite an unstable line-up and lack of a permanent drummer, GanG still remains active with three albums (“Piece of War”, “Dead or Alive” & “V”), gradually returning to its roots & Heavy Metal.

2010-2017 GanG is back on business again !!! With the help of a new line-up, GanG made its live come back!!! This “coming out” is based upon big reinforcements of old school Heavy Metal. All albums produced is thus really linked to each other : “V” in 2010, “HM-666%” in 2012, “Heavy Metal Road 666 (Live)” in 2013, “Inject the Venom” in 2014, “Heavy Metal Samurai” and “Live is” All “in 2015, a live recorded in Manchester in the UK.

The band continues touring and appearing on festivals, both in France and Europe. GanG shared the stage mythical bands like Venom inc, Tokyo Blade, Tygers of Pan Tang, Paul Di’Anno, Blaze Bayley, O.D.Saxon, Grave Digger, Rage , Girlschool, Uli Jon Roth, Loudness, Y & T, Rock Goddess, Tysondog, Praying Mantis, ADX, Vulcain, Satan Jokers, Attentat Rock, Blaspheme, Killers,…

2018 see the release of “All for One”, the new studio album. Without any more complex, GanG confirms the trademark heard with “Inject the Venom”. His recipe is truly based on old school heavy metal close to its NWOBHM idols . 9 blasting bullets melted with flavouring melodies!!! “All for One” shows a new face of GanG while remaining in the continuity of previous efforts. The album leaves the major part to the influences of the group “Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Tokyo Blade, Black Sabbath, ADX, …”.

Each song reveals different surroundings based on high full energy (“The Almighty”, “The Legend”, “Devil in Me”), heaviness and majestic ambiences (“Another Tomorrow”, “Follow the Sign”), unbridled twins guitars (“Warchild”). The riffs are even more incisive and GanG also outs highlights on more subtle arrangements as for title tracks like “Save Me” or the 14 minutes title’s track “All for One”.

As a tribute to the golden era, GanG also covered its own version of french cult NWOFHM band “Attentat Rock classic “Lord tell me”. Recorded at BGS Music studio, GanG deliberately choose to keep alive the authentic shape of 80’s sound while giving it even more dynamics. “All for one” thus reveals the one of kind real analogical color as you can find in most of original NWOBHM bands : acoustic drums, sharp guitars, humming bass, screaming vocals… The full force of a lethal Heavy Metal arsenal.

“All for one” also welcomes many guests bringing their unique touch to this album: Steve Morrison from Tysondog (guitar solo) on “Follow the sign”, Vince Vercaigne from Amartia (acoustic guitars), Fabrice Fourgeaud from Attentat Rock and Betov from ADX (solo guitar), Stephane Sauvage from Moonchild & Last Prophecy (bass) on “All for one”, Marc Quee vocals on Lord tell me, Thierry Tripenne & Aurélien Pauchet from Spirit (solo guitar) on “The Legend” and “Devil in Me”.
The album design was once again done by our longtime partner, Olivier Salin aka Bones, following the adventures of our Mad Doctor that started in 2012 with the release of “HM-666%”.

At the dawn of a new tour 2017-2019, GanG is actively on the way to tread the boards to deliver, as usual, a tumultuous and unbridled show.

Hail Heavy Metal!!!!

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