Ghost Avenue is hailing from the suburbs of Oslo Norway and was born as a result of the lack of good new bands playing traditional heavy metal, «so why not make it ourselves?» The music they deliver is traditional and classic Hard Rock & Heavy Metal. The band swear to melodic and catchy songs, hard riffs and pounding bass, balls out vocals, screaming solos, twin guitars and hard hitting drums.
The inspiration sources comes from a variety of styles, but the main influence is from the golden era of the 80’s heavy metal. Ghost Avenue tries to capture the traditional style, but with their own sound and approach so that it sounds fresh and updated. All band members contribute to the songwriting and that makes it more fun and diverse. The feedback from the music business and fans shows that there is an agreement that Ghost Avenue flies the flag high for traditional and classic hardrock and heavy metal.

The bands first EP «Days undercover» (2009) and the debut album «The Engraving» (2010) was released by the band themselves under the name Ghost. Both recorded in just a few days. That was really the start of it all.
«The Engraving» received overall good reviews and feedback from fans and the metal community. Several of the songs from the debut album is still in the live set today. When it was time to record the second album they decided to change the band name to Ghost Avenue. It was the only right thing to do at that time, due to a certain swedish group with the same name. In summer 2013 they signed a record deal with Pitch Black Records from Cyprus, and in October that same year the album «Ghost Avenue» was released. The cover artwork was made by the band themselves and it really screams rock’n roll. It fits perfectly with the content. Great feedback once again!
In February 2016 they teamed up with Øyvind Voldmo Larsen (best known as the leader and guitarist of the prog metal band Withem) and entered his Lionheart Studio in Oslo to record the third album «Impact» (second album on Pitch Black Records). «Impact» turned out to be a concept album about an alien invasion on earth and the battle for humanities freedom. The band really took their time recording this album. 3 months in and out of the studio is the longest recording process this far. The result is a blinding heavy metal package filled with all you want to hear in a classic hardrock and metal album. The artwork is perfectly crafted by Jobert Mello of Sledgehammer Graphix and they couldn’t be more happy with the mixing by Mr. Voldmo Larsen. It really sounds fantastic. The album was released February 3rd 2017 and the feedback so far is really great.



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