POTN XIII – Band Confirmed – ​Skandal

Ruthlessly, ​until-recently-Leeds-based ​band ​Skandal ​push ​the ​boundaries​ ​of ​heavy​ ​riff ​oriented music​ ​with ​their​ ​latest ​release ​”Year​ ​of ​the ​Cicada”, ​mixed ​and ​ mastered ​by​ ​George ​Bokos​ ​of Rotting ​Christ ​fame. ​The ​24 ​minute ​4-track​ ​EP ​sees​ ​them​ ​capture​ ​a ​darker​ ​and ​heavier approach ​while ​maintaining ​all ​the ​elements​ ​of ​their​ ​explosive ​and ​catchy​ ​Heavy​ ​Rock/Rock​ ​n’Roll ​former​ ​identity, ​firmly​ ​branding ​their​ ​sound ​under​ ​the ​moniker​ ​of ​Doom​ ​n’ ​Roll.

Receiving ​high ​acclaim​ ​for​ ​the ​first ​EP ​”First ​Step ​to ​Nowhere” ​by​ ​the ​press, ​the ​band ​managed to ​fight ​through ​internal ​hardships​ ​and ​book​ ​its​ ​first ​tour​ ​in ​support ​of ​its​ ​most ​recent ​release, building ​a ​reputation ​for​ ​soulful ​live ​performances, ​and ​gaining ​an ​army​ ​of ​loyal ​fans.

Skandal ​are ​currently​ ​seeking ​label ​interest, ​touring ​and ​one-off ​gigging ​opportunities​ ​in ​2017 ​to further​ ​support ​”Year​ ​of ​the ​Cicada”. ​Offering ​a ​ritualistic​ ​and ​unique ​live ​show, ​Skandal ​are dedicated ​to ​establishing ​themselves​ ​as​ ​an ​inspirational ​representative ​of ​the ​UK’s​ ​glorious heavy​ ​scene ​through ​extensive ​touring ​and ​album​ ​distribution.


Year​ ​of ​the ​Cicada ​Private ​Playlist

Schoolwave ​Performance



  • “Heavily​ ​rooted ​in ​the ​70’s​ ​doom​ ​metal ​and ​hard ​rock, ​mixed ​with ​a ​more ​modern ​style.  The ​production ​sounds​ ​very​ ​professional ​for​ ​a ​self ​released ​recording, while ​the ​lyrics cover​ ​dark​ ​and ​real-life ​themes” ​​ ​​ ​Extreme ​Underground ​Music​ ​Zine ​​ ​​8 ​/ ​10
  • “Energetic​ ​sound, ​catchy​ ​riffs, ​good ​stuff” ​Metal ​Trenches
  • “These ​two ​fellas​ ​make ​a ​mighty​ ​fine ​racket ​creating ​an ​impressive ​headbanging​ ​sonic
    menu ​that ​tastes​ ​better​ ​than ​a ​cup ​of ​Yorkshire ​Tea… ​Hopefully​ ​we’ll ​get ​to ​see ​more ​of
    them​ ​in ​the ​future” ​​ ​The ​Midlands​ ​Rock​ ​​ ​​7 ​/ ​10
  • “With ​their​ ​first ​EP ​around ​the ​corner, ​Skandal ​wave ​a ​flag ​with ​Doom​ ​’n’ ​Roll ​written ​on
    it. ​Hopefully, ​the ​release ​of ​their​ ​full ​length ​album​ ​is​ ​close. ​Keep ​this​ ​band ​on ​your
    watchlist” ​​ ​Harte ​Musik​ ​​ ​4 ​/ ​5
  • “Seems​ ​like ​this​ ​eminently​ ​tasty​ ​music, ​is​ ​meant ​to ​be ​played ​live” ​​ ​Wings​ ​of ​Death
  • “Through ​the ​work​ ​done, ​Skandal ​manage ​to ​convey​ ​the ​feeling ​they​ ​had ​in ​mind ​when
    they​ ​picked ​the ​label ​of ​Doom​ ​’n’ ​Roll ​for​ ​their​ ​music” ​​ ​Downtuned
  • “When ​for​ ​some ​reason ​my​ ​wifi ​connection ​failed, ​I ​didn’t ​hesitate ​to ​use​ ​all ​my​ ​data ​to
    continue ​listening ​to ​this” ​​ ​School ​of ​Rock​ ​​ ​​3.5 ​/ ​5
  • “A ​release ​with ​massive ​production, ​and ​a ​band ​with ​characteristic​ ​professionalism​ ​many
    would ​be ​jealous​ ​of” ​​ ​Straight ​on ​Music
  • “Tremendous​ ​sound, ​thick​ ​guitars, ​as​ ​well ​as​ ​noteworthy​ ​vocals” ​​ ​​8 ​/ ​10
  • “When ​the ​music​ ​comes​ ​out ​so ​spontaneous​ ​and ​”in ​your​ ​face”, ​applause ​is​ ​in ​order”
    ​ ​73 ​/ ​100
  • “The ​four​ ​tracks​ ​on ​Year​ ​of ​the ​Cicada ​ensure ​that ​the ​Greek/British ​band ​is​ ​presented
    appealing ​when ​under​ ​the ​spotlight” ​​ ​White ​Room
  • “You ​can ​hear​ ​the ​spirit ​of ​Lemmy, ​Skandal ​have ​some ​irons​ ​in ​the ​fire” ​Dark​ ​Entries 7 ​/ ​10


Noticeable ​Achievements:

  • Most ​Promising ​Act ​-​ ​Metal ​Hammer​ ​August ​2014
  • Tour​ ​of ​the ​Cicada ​pt ​I ​9-date ​Tour​ ​-​ ​September/October​ ​2016 ​in ​Greece
  • Tour​ ​of ​the ​Cicada ​pt ​II ​12-date ​Tour​ ​-​ ​June ​2017 ​in ​Germany, ​Austria, ​Czech ​Republic, Poland, ​Croatia, ​Slovakia, ​Serbia, ​Hungary, ​and ​England
  • Tour​ ​of ​the ​Cicada ​pt ​III ​18-date ​Tour​ ​-​ ​October​ ​2017 ​in ​Greece ​& ​Bulgaria
  • Tour​ ​of ​the ​Cicada ​pt ​IV ​20-date ​Tour​ ​-​ ​December​ ​2017 ​in ​Wales, ​England, ​Scotland, Iceland
  • Shared ​the ​stage ​with ​Sabaton, ​Soulfly, ​Flotsam​ ​& ​Jetsam, ​Warrel ​Dane, ​Crucified Barbara, ​Planet ​of ​Zeus, ​Nightstalker, ​Bonfire, ​Gus​ ​G, ​D.A.D. ​and ​others​ ​since ​ the beginning ​of ​the ​band.
  • Schoolwave ​Festival ​2015
  • Chania ​Rock​ ​Festival ​2013
  • Chania ​Rock​ ​Festival ​2015
  • The ​band ​has​ ​either​ ​performed ​or​ ​booked ​shows​ ​in: ​Iceland, ​Germany, ​Greece, England, ​Scotland, ​Wales, ​Slovenia, ​Hungary, ​the ​Czech ​Republic, ​Poland,  Croatia, Serbia, ​Austria, ​Bulgaria


Social ​Media:


For​ ​all ​contact ​reach ​us​ ​at ​+44(0)7552789878 ​or​ ​email ​us​ ​at ​​skandal@doomnroll.com

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POTN XIII – Band Confirmed – Infected Syren

Hailing from Nicosia Cyprus, Infected Syren are about to release their debut album on the 12th of January 2018. The album incorporates Metal, Punk, Hardcore and Psychobilly, melding it all to create the bands unique sound. This is the result of being formed and performing since 2011 in Cyprus and abroad. It’s also the follow up to their 2012 demo which was very well received by fans and website reviews.
Worth noting is that all members have been active in the Cypriot metal scene since the late 90’s, as well as being involved in punk and metal bands while abroad. Experimenting and performing all those years has made Infected Syrens band members take their role seriously, of writing and performing heavy alternative music. Expect to hear very diverse influences from bands sucha as Megadeth, The Exploited, Fuzztones, Overkill, Brian Setzer and The Horrors.


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POTN XIII – Band Confirmed – Dark Poetry

Dark Poetry is a four-piece metal band from Cyprus with traditional Middle Eastern music influences.
The band was originally composed in 2002 of vocalist Andreas Pouyioukkas, guitarist Harry Andreou, bass guitarist Michalis Angeli and drummer Antreas Kallis. In 2010 they went through a reconfiguration, when vocalist Petros Koutzis replaced Andreas Pouyioukkas.
Since the beginning Dark Poetry was dedicated in composing original songs influenced by different genres of music. Throughout the years they were active in the local scene, sharing the stage with acts like Sepultura, Septic Flesh, Dark Quarterer, Lucifer’s Child, Nightstalker, Universe217 and many more. After two failed attempts of recording their material, they finally made it in 2017 and they are now ready to release an EP in January 2018 and their full length debut album later in the year.


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POTN XIII – Band Confirmed – Tysondog

Tysondog are a English heavy metal band formed in Newcastle, in the year 1983 during the NWOBHM boom. They quickly signed to Neat Records and issued their debut single “Eat the Rich” that same year. 1984 saw their first full-length, “Beware of the Dog,” which was produced by none other than Cronos of Venom. Cronos even perfomed backing vocals on the track “Demon” (listen for him in the chorus).
An EP, “Shoot to Kill” was released in 1985, and was followed the next year by the “Crimes of Insanity” LP, which, along with the single and Alice Cooper cover “School’s Out”.

Thrash metal had come to dominate the metal underground, and Tysondog with Castle released “Painted Heroes” in 2002, a collection of both full-length albums and the “Shoot to Kill” EP. With Rocksector Records 2015 and produced by Mantas saw the release of Tysondogs 3 album, Cry Havoc.

Tysondog are currently in the process of writing their 4th album, due for release 2018.


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POTN XIII – Band Confirmed – Resistance

RESISTANCE are a Los Angeles based Heavy Metal band delivering a full on Metal assault from a broad range of influences. U.S. Power, Traditional, Thrash, and Classic Heavy Metal are genres often used to describe the band. The core of RESISTANCE (Paul Shigo, Matt Ohnemus, and Dan Luna) was born in 1986 through their collaboration together in several different bands, lineups, and names before officially forming RESISTANCE in January of 2000.

RESISTANCE released their highly sought after and now out of print first EP “A Certain Sorrow” in 2002. With the addition of new vocalist, Robbie Hett, the band followed up with (3) critically acclaimed albums, 2004’s “Lies In Black” (Lion Music), 2007’s Conceptual Metal masterpiece “Patents Of Control” (Lion Music) and (with the 2008 addition of new guitarist, Burke Morris), 2015’s “Volume 1 Battle Scars” (MMR Records).

In 2017 the band inked a deal with No Remorse Records (Greece), who released their highly acclaimed new studio album, “Metal Machine.” worldwide on June 27th , 2017.

Throughout the years RESISTANCE performed everywhere on stages and festivals both nationally and internationally including Germany’s “Head Bangers Open Air”, Greece’s “Up the Hammers Festival” Milwaukee Wisconsin’s “NYDM Spring Bash” and Ventura California’s “Frost and Fire Festival” all while gaining Legions of loyal fans worldwide.


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POTN XIII – Band Confirmed – Dark Void

Dark Void were formed by Andreas Tryfonos, Christos Papadopoulos, Giorgos Hajistilis and Panayiotis Soteriou in the summer of 2013. In the summer of 2014, Trifun and Phillipos joined the band, after Giorgos left the band for personal reasons.

After supporting the mighty Sepultura in June 2014, the band got in the studio in July 2014 and recorded a 6-track EP called “Release the Kraken”. After recording, several live performances took place all over Cyprus. In November the band supported Q5.

The EP was released on April 3rd.


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