Camelot Park

Check out this year’s venue for Power of the Night Festival! We celebrate our 10 year anniversary with a venue of epic proportions! You do not want to miss this year’s festival! It’s bigger, better and by far the best place we’ve had so far! And wait till you see it with the lights on at night! It’s truly the….. Power Of The Night!!!!


Swimming Pool,Free Camping Area, Showers, two Bars open from day to night,  W.C., Food Stand, Merchandise, Stand to buy Chips for Food and Drinks, Party Area and more to be announced soon….  11026276_812051588887151_8203998978565238474_n 11026332_812051425553834_6673974497942735044_n 11041810_812051538887156_7344653321363298613_n (1) 11043182_812051458887164_1301366778429263376_n 11050156_812051295553847_7607235779233694828_n 13687_812051368887173_4111985118723219867_n 1662506_812051205553856_7878084471574484019_n 10997301_812051398887170_1139268030674065964_n 11020762_812051472220496_4983681705959692783_n 11025652_812051652220478_2044815833556322734_n