Doors: TBA

Show Starts: TBA

Power of the Night would like to inform you on our drinking and food policy regarding the festival and camping premises. It is strictly forbidden to bring any food or beverages, alcoholic or not, inside the venue. Food and beverages stands will be open from morning till late at night with cheap prices, icy cold beer, frappe and food you just can’t get enough of.

Wristbands: Everyone with a valid ticket will be given a wristband at the entrance which must be worn at all times in the festival.

Official Merchandise: There will be an official merchandise shop for selling T-shirts of the festival and official merchandise of the bands.

Trading Chips: The festival will not accept cash money for food and drinks . There will be an available place where you can exchange your money with the “festival chips”. The festival chips will not be exchanged after the end of the festival.

Children: Children up to 12 years old have free entrance if accompanied by an adult. Please make sure that children wear earplugs.