POTN XIII – Band Confirmed – Hardraw

Hardraw is a heavy metal band from Nicosia, Cyprus formed back in 2006 delivering compositions in various subjects and areas, combining classic heavy metal styles with a unique touch. The band has been active for most years since its formation, and has been under constant hard work to deliver heavy metal music, always keeping the Cyprus Metal flag up high!

At the beginning stages of its formation the band had gone through various name changes as well as line-up changes in order to combine the right individuals and style to suit the “project” that was going on (during the high-school days!).

In around 2007, the band had finalized its main members and started performing live/arranging gigs all over Cyprus, and it was at that time that the band started presenting their own material to the rock and metal community of the island.

Up to that point the band was mainly performing at Cyprus local stages and bars, slowly building its following in the Underground scene, with the first tunes “Heavy Metal Union” and “Night’s Dark Figures” getting out to the fans.

In the years that followed, Hardraw wrote more songs with influences steaming from Power,Epic and Progressive Metal (however, always keeping their Classic Heavy Metal edge) and made more regular appearances. To this respect, some successful gigs were performed in Athens, Greece that have been very promising and more are still to follow! Examples include, two Up The Hammers Festival appearances (as part of the warm-up show) and a supporting appearance with Tokyo Blade.

The band still regularly appears in Cyprus, and some of its members support an annual festival called Power Of The Night (being part of the organizing team), held every Summer in Nicosia, Cyprus – allowing some appearances for the band at the festival alongside legendary bands like Manilla Road, Domine and Praying Mantis.

In overview, the band has up to now released a self-titled 7” vinyl on December 2012 and their debut album “Night of the Wolf” was released on July 2014. Re-recordings of the debut album are currently taking place for the band, for a re-release of the songs with its most recent line-up.


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POTN XIII – Band Confirmed – Spoiled

Spoiled begun as a band in the summer of 2015 covering bands like Green Day. In 2017 they released 3 original songs. Since then, the band has been writing and playing live shows. Spoiled hope to hit the studio again sometime in April 2018, to record more of their material.

Band Members 
Mark – Drums
Alex – Guitars
Stef  – Guitars, Vocals
Chris – Bass


Cyprus Mail Article

SLMAG Article

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POTN XIII – Band Confirmed In cooperation with Pitch Black records – Niviane

Niviane (pronounced nih-vy-anne) is an American power metal band hailing from Sacramento California formed in the fall of 2014. Guitarists Mark Miner and Claudeous Creamer along with bassist Rick Stallkamp created the core sound by melding together their collective influences of classic heavy metal along with modern European metal to produce what has been branded “A new breed of American Power Metal”. In the following months the band recruited drummer Mark Sprague and began writing many of the songs that would later appear on the debut album. The fledgling act still needed a moniker and the name “Niviane” was suggested by guitarist Claudeous Creamer.

The final piece of the puzzle had yet to be found, but as fate would have it in the spring of 2015 vocalist Norman Skinner was preparing to start a new project and was contacted by an associate of the band. Within a week the two camps had demoed 3 songs and the original full Niviane line-up was born. Two months later on May 15th, 2015 the band debuted their music live for the first time at The Knitting Factory in Reno, Nevada. Delivering a high-energy performance complete with duel lead guitar attacks and high-soaring vocals, the band began a run of successful show dates. Niviane continued to perform live and write for the debut album through the end of 2015. The group in its infancy was gaining much deserved attention but with a new year came a new line-up.

2016 would begin with Claudeous Creamer and Mark Sprague parting ways with the band and being replaced by guitarist Gary Tarplee and drummer Noe Luna. Without missing a step the band continued forward, performing live while completing the writing process and pre-production for their first album. In May 2016 the band entered Alien Productions Studios with JK Northrup at the helm to begin recording the debut album “The Druid King”. Upon completing a majority of the tracking the decision was made to recruit the talents of Aaron Robitsch to write and record keyboards for the album. The album was completed in March 2017 and released on November 3rd 2017 through Pitch Black Records.

Niviane continues to tour in support of “The Druid King” and are finalizing writing for their sophomore effort. The band plans to begin tracking at the beginning of 2018.

Band Members
Mark Miner – Guitars
Rick Stallkamp – Bass
Norman Skinner – Vocals
Gary Tarplee – Guitars
Noe Luna – Drums


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POTN XIII – Band Confirmed – Harmonize

Harmonize were formed in 2012 in Nicosia, Cyprus. They started as a thrash metal genre band but later on added heavy and power metal styles.

Their first release was ”The Astonishing End” in 2014 as a two-song demo, produced in Cyprus with 100 pieces printed and was sold out just one week after the demo’s release, forcing the band to a second print of another 100, which are sold out now as well.

In January 2015, Harmonize voted 3 rd place as best band in Cyprus and best release of 2014 in the Chromium Sun webzine. In the same voting, the band’s guitarist George Constantinou was voted as the 4 th best musician in 2014.

Since 2017, the band recruited four new members and released an old demo song called “Tonight”. The band was quite active since 2012, playing many gigs and appeared on Power of the Night X’s stage (2015).

Current band members
George Costantinou – Guitars
Savvas Parperis – Guitars
Johny Kalogridis – Vocals
Lefteris Eleftheriou – Bass
Harrys Peratikas – Drums


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POTN XIII – Band Confirmed – Leather

In 2013 “Surrender To No One” marked the return of original vocalist Leather Leone. Long considered one of the originators of the female power metal vocal style. In 2016 Leather resurfaced with a new band from Brazil. The band includes Vinnie Tex and Daemon Ross on guitars. Thiago Velasquez on bass and Braulio Drumond on drums. After successful tours in South America and Europe, Leather and the band realized their combined inspiration and they wrote and recorded new material. Leather quotes “I’m extremely excited to be back in game we look forward to our new journey together.”

In 1984, she was connected to metal guitar virtuoso David T. Chastain, who was known at the time for his band CJSS, featuring bassist Mike Skimmerhorn. She joined his new band, CHASTAIN, as the Lead Vocalist. The first lineup, which was featured on the album Mystery Of Illusion (1985), had Skimmerhorn on Bass and Fred Coury as Drummer, who would go on to Cinderella shortly after this. She recorded 5 albums with Chastain, Mystery Of Illusion (1985), Ruler Of The Wasteland(1986), The 7th Of Never (1987), Voice Of The Cult (1988), and For Those Who Dare (1990) with other members of Chastain who went on to bands including: Ken Mary with House of Lords, Fifth Angel, Alice Cooper and Accept; John Luke Herbert and David Harbour with King Diamond; Pat O’Brien with Cannibal Corpse.

After Chastain’s: For Those Who Dare tour finished in 1991, the world waited for more. Then Leather disappeared. For years fans searched and wondered what had happened to the “Voice of the Cult”, the only female vocalist ever to be compared to Rob Halford from Judas Priest, Bruce Dickenson from Iron Maiden and Geoff Tate.



Leather: A film for Leone

Leather Leone: Paradise (Chastain) – Pounding Metal Fest XI

Leather Leone: Ruler of the Wasteland (Chastain) – Pounding Metal Fest XI


Email: leathermgmt@gmail.com

Rodrigo Scelza
Email: scelza.f@terra.com.br
Phone: +55 21 99858 1699

Leather Leone Facebook

Band Facebook


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POTN XIII – Band Confirmed – Damage Inc.

Following the amazing fucking time we had last year at the festival, and the support you showed us for the Pantera tribute band Trendkill, the great people of P.O.T.N. asked us if we wanted to do it again but this year for arguably the biggest of the big four of thrash, the all mighty METALLICA…..

Thus DAMAGE INC. were born. We hope to see you all there to pay tribute to these titans of metal and especially the late Cliff Burton.

DAMAGE INC. members:
Aggelos sofokleous (drums)
Nikos Filaxtou (guitar)
Rois Gregoriades (bass guitar)
Dimitris Yiangou (guitar)
Constantinos Macheriotis (vocals)

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