Power of the Night festival started delivering Heavy Metal music in 2006, with the main purpose to strengthen and to reinforce the Cypriot Heavy Metal scene. Furthermore, a crucial purpose for organizing Power of the Night was, and still is, the enhancement of Heavy Metal ideals as well as the inner freedom that this music promotes and the willingness for life.
The first Power of the Night festival took place with ultimate success back in 23/6/2006 in Lakatamia with the support of the municipality. In this first edition of the festival we succeeded in withdrawing the interest of many fans and giving to the Cyprus music scene something new, progressive and ahead of its time.
We managed to give a strong-loud-message that Heavy Metal is still alive in our island and this gave the chance for many Cypriot bands to present their passion about this music to the rest of us. Metal has always been the kind of music that reunites its fans by presenting values and qualities for every human being.
The development of strength and diversity within the Cypriot scene is now a fact. The achievements of the festival during this 8-year period have now become obvious.
It is for a fact that now more youngsters are into music that gives them the credentials to be enlightened into a new path of life. All the more companies and organizations are interested in financing these musical festivals, the number of concerts as such have increased while the bands which used to have a hard time getting recognized, now are being recognized through these cultural events. The biggest achievement however is that new bands are still getting recognized, giving youngsters the opportunity to creatively utilize their free time.
As of the first days of the festival, the main goals include the promotion of the Cyprus Metal Scene, as well the introduction of the Worldwide Underground Heavy Metal scene to the Cyprus people who have been for years thirsty for years to see their favorite bands locally as well as abroad.
The festival has seen many kinds of differentiated bands from all the realms of the local and foreign scene, all have a common purpose – and a common denominator- that is the ‘HEAVY METAL’.
Foreign bands like Domine, Emerald, Clove Hoof, Praying Mantis, Dark Quarterer, Ross the Boss (feat. Scott Columbus), Power Crue, Tokyo Blade, Crimson Fire, Marauder, Convixion and Reflection have presented to the Cypriot crowd their virtues and have left great impressions that will forever stay enshrined in the Power of the Night’s inheritance.
With the same passion Cypriot bands have been successful by presenting their abilities and virtues which would be envied by world wide recognized bands , through the support of the festival. Bands like Arrayan Path, Solitary Sabred, Hardraw, R.U.S.T., Winter’s Verge, Lethal Saint, Shut’em Down, Receiver, Metal Blade, Dragonbreath, Teror, Dark Poetry, Chainsheart, Stainelsz, and Infected Syren have impressed and proven their value in the Cypriot Heavy Metal scene which has been supported by Power of the Night Festival.
Beyond the musical segment, the creators of this Festival have set an admirable goal which will keep going as long the ‘Power of the Night’ keeps going.
Every year the Festival is dedicated to the youngsters that lose their lives in the streets. The loss of the youngsters from car accidents has been a death trap, taking on more and more people. The number of families that have lost their loved ones in tragic car accidents has now increased so, raising awareness over road safety is crucial and we feel that is our duty to contribute more and more, year by year.
Music has always been a way to inspire people and by doing so the aggressiveness of young people can be expressed in a creative way. Even so, the realization and acceptance of each individual’s music idols will be the way for youngsters to built and create their character to some extent.
In general, Power of the Night has rooted its stance and continuance of success in constantly evolving the quality and credibility of the whole festival. Within the experience gained by the organizers throughout the years, this festival has shown an improved sound & stage system, an improved entrance ticketing system, a booklet containing information about bands performing during both days as well as information about road accidents and safety awareness!
It is a prominent fact that Cyprus is in the verge of an important route within the “metal community” as it is constantly being improved and it is becoming one of the countries that contributes in organizing festivals of this kind. In addition, the recognition of numerous Cypriot heavy metal acts have withdrawn the interest from abroad where Cyprus now stands stronger than ever, as bands now play in other countries and promote the scene even more.
In this way the festival has become a force and it is still going strong in its 8th year now.
Our goal is to promote the lust for life, freedom, creativity and a big gratitude towards ourselves and to our fellow citizens and friends. We’d like this Summer, as well as in every year, to contribute with our way to the reduction of the loss of many lives in road accidents due to the increased passion of driving that causes death to young people of our island.
This willingness will be the lever for the festival to take off and furthermore to improve the Cyprus metal scene as well as the people that surround it. The festival has managed to get its goals achieved as now the message for youngsters is clear for them that “Speed Kills”.
Most of all this festival can is the cause, as it has always been, for everyone to get together and meet with friends, new people, and witness the great feeling of HEAVY METAL.
Hail Brothers!