Welcome to the website of Power of the Night Festival!

Twelve years of Power of the Night Festival have passed! Twelve years! We can’t thank you all enough for supporting P.O.T.N. The crowd was, as always, full of energy and passion. You guys know how to keep Metal alive and the party going! Thank you all for attending the festival and being the best crowd anyone could ever hope for! To all the bands that performed on the P.O.T.N. Stage. You guys gave a killer show up there and our hearts are still pumping! All the bands were amazing and we loved every moment! A special thank you goes to our headliners Oliver/Dawson Saxon, Sacred Steel and Sadhus “The Smoking Community” for giving us unforgettable nights full of pure music and shivers down our spines! You guys killed it!

Last but never least, the biggest thank you we can possibly give. Thank you to the best Crew in the galaxy! Our metal brothers and sisters that are there for days working 24/7 , to make P.O.T.N. a reality! We couldn’t have made this possible with out them! You guys are Power of the Night!



Open Air Festival

Power of the Night (POTN) festival is the ultimate open air Metal festival in Cyprus! With a camping site, food, drinks and merchandise stands, it welcomes more than 400 crazy fans each year!!

Support the local scene

The festival’s main goal will always be to support and promote the local metal scene! All Cypriot metal bands can get the opportunity to perform along with great bands and show the fans what they are made of..

In memory of those we lost on the road…

The festival is dedicated – like the years before – to those we tragically lost on the road…

Upcoming Shows

No upcoming show scheduled.