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Power of the Night X: 23rd - 25th of July 2015 at Camelot Park Nicosia close ×

Welcome to the website of Power of the Night Festival!

POTN organizers would like to thank everyone for their support and their help. Without the crew that worked without timetables, voluntarily and endlessly, nothing could be done. You have given us all the boost we need to continue stronger than before and cope through the difficulties everyone threw at us. The fans had a blast and the bands were amazing! There are simply no words! We will do everything so that the next festival would be even better.
Thank you and get ready for Power of the Night X

Open Air Festival

Power of the Night (POTN) festival is the ultimate open air Metal festival in Cyprus! With a camping side, food, drinks and merchandise stands, it welcomes more than 400 crazy fans each year!!

Support the local scene

The festival’s main goal will always be to support and promote the local metal scene! All Cypriot metal bands can get the opportunity to perform along with great bands and show the fans what they are made of..

In memory of those we lost on the road…

The festival is dedicated – like the years before – to those we tragically lost on the road…

Upcoming Shows

N.W.O.B.H.M VOL II TRIBUTE - Rocka Rolla Wizards

Power of the Night X - Camelot Park, Nicosia

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